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Check out the Top Tools GmbH Portfolio Presentation

Top Tools GmbH from Vechta has been using its all-metal "MetalTORQ" motors/PDM since 2019.

When using the motors/PDM in high-temperature wells where conventional motors/PDM experienced failure, Top Tools GmbH's "MetalTORQ" demonstrated higher performance and efficiency.

Since the "MetalTORQ" has been in operation, unique projects have been completed that required innovative milling solutions.

The new all-metal motors/PDM have proven to be more reliable both technically and in terms of maintenance.

The technical parameters can be obtained for a long time without the need to replace basic motor/PDM parts, which argues for the new generation in the manufacturing and application of "Positive Displacement Motors".

Our customers who have already experienced "MetalTORQ" at least once have almost completely replaced the Conventional technology.

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